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Forgiveness is what set me free choosing to forgive has led me to live for today.

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With Erin Merryn

Forgiveness is what set me free. Choosing to forgive has led me to live for today.

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  • In 2004, when she was a senior in high school, Erin Merryn, started her crusade to end the silence and shame around childhood sexual abuse. When she was between the ages of 6-8 1/2 and 11-13, two men molested and raped her. She was frightened, threatened and not talking…because no one had ever educated her to tell. However, she broke her silence in a Children’s Advocacy Center at age 13 and the center helped pave a pathway for Erin’s healing.
  • Erin published her first book, Stolen Innocence, before graduating high school. Her second, book, Living for Today, was released in November 2009. And, in 2011, she became the force behind Erin’s Law – a law she is planning to get passed in all fifty states with the mission of providing age-appropriate curriculum on the prevention of sexual abuse by empowering children with their voices instead of allowing sex offenders to silence them. She believes it’s important to talk to kids about sexual abuse and not just focus on educating adults.
  • Erin puts a bright light and outspoken voice on the silent epidemic while traveling around the country giving inspirational and motivational speeches to thousands. She has made numerous media appearances including Oprah, CNN, Good Morning America, Montel Williams, and Jane Velez Mitchell. She has appeared in Time Magazine, The London Times, Cosmo Girl, The Chicago Tribune, and numerous other newspaper and radio interviews. In November, 2012, she was named a Glamour Magazine Woman of the Year.
  • Connect with Erin at and Erin’s Law

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