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Love your partner the way she wants to be loved not the way you want to give it.

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KiCK’N Relationship Tips

With Lori and Bob Hollander

Secrets to Creating Extraordinary Relationships

Love your partner the way she wants to be loved not the way you want to give it.

Create Romantic Fusion for Valentine’s Day

Fusion occurs when two distinct elements, heated to a very high temperature, gain kinetic energy causing their molecules to accelerate and, ultimately, merge into one unified whole.

On Valentine’s Day we celebrate the fusion of love elements: the joining of head, heart, and hormones; emotional, romantic and sexual feelings unite; where love’s hot temperature creates passionate energy in motion. This ideal love is the kind that we experience in the beginning of a relationship.

In the honeymoon stage, we are consumed by the energy and chemistry of emotional and physical attraction, sexual tension and affection. During this dreamy state of infatuation, we maximize similarities and minimize differences; we overlook the negative and create an idealized view of our new love. In this near constant state of bliss, love is effortless.

Wouldn’t it be great if this could last?

At some point, every relationship falls back to earth. Awakened by reality, we may find ourselves in conflict. We become aware of characteristics about our partner that we never noticed before. And we may experience being hurt or discouraged. As the temperature of the relationship cools, the kinetic energy loses speed. The once perfect fusion of ideal emotional and erotic love starts to separate and will never again be the supremely unified whole they once were.

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