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When partners reveal their deepest most vulnerable feelings they create emotional intimacy.

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KiCK’N Relationship Tips

With Lori and Bob Hollander

Secrets to Creating Extraordinary Relationships

When partners reveal their deepest, most vulnerable feelings they create emotional intimacy.


5 Steps to Emotional Intimacy

Just what is emotional intimacy?

We define it as a connection between two partners who share and reveal their deepest, most vulnerable thoughts and feelings with each other. It is the most wonderful and fulfilling part of a relationship; and it can also be quite scary.

Here are 5 steps that will move your relationship to the deepest, most intimate level possible:

  1. Carve out the time to build connection. Make the relationship a priority.
  2. Create an atmosphere of safety by approaching eachother non-judgmentally and respectfully.
  3. Have dialogue about issues you wouldn’t share with anyone else. Talk about difficult topics and express your authentic feelings of sadness, happiness, fear, anger and joy.
  4. Read More for Steps 4 and 5

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