Kick Your BuTs: A Quick Tip To Overcome Fear

Fear makes the wolf bigger than he is. ~ German Proverb

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It’s the gaping hole into the abyss. You know, uncharted territory. Where you want to go. Where you know you need to go. Where the wolf seems to get bigger and more ferocious with every treading thought.

I Can’t Because…

You trepiditiously peek in and IT reaches out; arms flailing, searching for it’s victim. Hah! It finds YOU! It reels you in, ever so slowly, reacting to your rampant twitches. Emotionally resisting every urge to move through it, you begin to flounder, drained.

Self preservation instincts kick in, you tighten your stance, clench your fists and release — fear has won, yet again. You manage to plug the hole — a but has saved you, at least temporarily; until a leak finds the weakest link with another urge. Then out springs fear, for another tease.

Poke, poke, poke.

Standing off a platform on a 150 foot-high bridge looking straight down below to a river, tethered to a bungee cord lifeline in Nanaimo, BC does it.

Hanging off the 855 foot Stratosphere in Las Vegas, by the arm of an octopus-looking ride, does it.

Standing in front of a room filled with adults looking, you are so sure, straight into your eyes, waiting for your next words of wisdom to be released into the dark, still air, does it.

Just considering jumping out of a plane at 15,000 feet, does it.

These are all moments where the rubber meets the road. Moments that help shape who you are and what you can become or not, simply by which direction you choose to move.

Poke, poke, poke.

Each of these moments make the muscles from my knees to my ankles turn to mush, just enough to disable me from moving forward to where my heart secretly desires.

What words of wisdom could blow my way and help kick the buts out of my vocabulary towards my destined path?

2011 is the year the words PAULO COELHO were whispered to me.

2011 is the year Paulo Coelho illuminated my path more brightly.

The moment that he begins to walk along it, the warrior of the light recognizes the path.
~ Paulo Coelho Quotes from The Warrior of the Light
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Paulo Coelho Beats The Big Bad Wolf

2011 is the year I lunged out of the window of a tiny plane — another fear beat! This one TOO felt PRETTY DARN AMAZING.

It was incredibly peaceful. My instructor tethered behind me, talking to me while I talked back — all without the use of microphones, all while we were free-falling to planet earth. It was easy. My stomach lay where it should and my eyes were wide open taking in every bit I could.


2011 is the year that I got IT.

All those reasons why I didn’t want to jump all those years, all that unproductive energy of plugging holes vanished — and that wolf…

He was beautiful and wise beyond his years.

That next dance with that wolf will be easier, much easier. I can feel it.

Thank you Paulo. Thank you to the messenger that showed me his way.

How Do You Plan To Beat The Big Bad Wolf This New Year?

What is one challenge you fear, but lies within your heart to move through?

How about kicking your buts out of your vocabulary and achieving what your heart desires? How about doing IT in the first quarter of 2012?

I would love to hear your stories of how you conquered your larger than life wolf. Please share your story and/blog below.

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