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You are the key to opening every door. Along your path, accept that you are the way, and you will never need another map.

Captain Jaspen Boothe IS KiCKING BuTS

You are the key to opening every door. Along your path, accept that you are the way, and you will never need another map.


To open a transitional home for homeless female Veterans and their children

The Most Difficult Obstacle Faced

God gave me the mission, but not the blueprint.


Time It Took To Reach This Goal

One year.

How Did You ♥ KiCK This Obstacle

When I realized God didn’t give me a way, because I was the way.

The day he believed in me, I HAD EVERYTHING I NEEDED.

Part of the Soldier Warrior Ethos is to Never Accept Defeat and to Never Leave a Fallen Comrade

Captain Jaspen Boothe SURPASSES her goal — there IS, one amazing woman!

About Captain Jaspen Boothe

I try to give others the same second chance God gave me! Wife, Mother, Soldier, Cancer Survivor, Philantrophist, Brick House.

Final Salute Inc is a non-profit organization that assist homeless female Veterans in securing safe and suitable housing.

There are currenly 13,000 homeless female Veterans nationwide. We are committed to getting each and every one of them off the streets. For their service and sacrifice, this is unacceptable.

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  1. Serena Washington - September 13, 2012

    Jaspen Boothe is an inspiration to us all. She displays all levels of selfless service and provides an example of leadership and community outreach that gave a voice to homeless female Veterans. No woman should be homeless and no Veteran should be left behind.

    Thank you Jaspen, your voice has been heard.
    Please visit and support this first ever event that Final Salute, Inc. has organized to provide support and outreach to this great cause. Let the voices of homeless female Veteran Americans be heard on October 7th, 2012, 5PM-9PM at The Pentagon Ritz-Carlton, Arlington, VA, “The Woman Behind the Uniform”.

    -Serena Washington
    CPT U.S. Army (Ret.)

  2. Ann - September 12, 2012

    I think Jas Boothe is one of the most heart-centered, get-it-done, inspirational women I know.

    I am so grateful that her own experiences didn’t harden her or make her bitter – but gave her the impetus to help other women veterans and children who are homeless.

    She is truly an amazing woman.

    ~ Ann Quasman
    Host of WomanTalk Live

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