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Life's greatest pleasures are earned not bought.

Ferg Hawke IS KiCKING BuTS


Life’s greatest pleasures are earned not bought.
It took me a while to figure this one out.

The feeling you get from crossing the finish line in any grueling event is so special and rewarding.

The only way to get that feeling, is to earn it through an incredible amount of sacrifice, determination and hard work.

No amount of money can buy that feeling of pure accomplishment.


To run the toughest footrace on the planet — the 135 mile Badwater Ultramarathon in Death Valley, California with 13,000 feet in elevation gain

The Most Difficult Obstacle Faced

The biggest obstacle was Death Valley’s insane heat and the challenge of heat training while living in the relatively cool Pacific Northwest.

One hundred thirty-five miles definitely is a long way to run, but I had run a couple of 100 mile races and felt I could handle another 35 miles.

The 13,000 feet of elevation gain up Mount Whitney (the highest summit in the contiguous United States — elevation 14,505 feet) is also no joke, but I had run in races that had much more climbing so that wasn’t that concerning.

What did worry me and what would prove to be the biggest obstacle in my 20 years as a runner — the soaring 120 to 130 degrees farenheit temperatures predicted for race day.

That simply sounded sizzling!

Time It Took To Reach This Goal

In my first Badwater race, I finished second to Dean Karnazes; my time was 27 HOURS, 30 MINUTES, 20 SECONDS — the closest finish in the races history.

One year later, I stared Badwater in the face again. This time placing second to Scott Jurek, who set the course record — with my finishing time being one hour after his (and one hour off my 2004 race).

How Did You ♥ KiCK This Obstacle

One word — TRAINING; three words — lot’s of TRAINING.

I decided that my best chance to survive Badwater was to train my body to adapt to the extreme heat Death Valley would challenge me with.

I built a custom sauna big enough to fit my treadmill inside, then trained almost everyday for the final two months leading up to the race. Temperatures ran as high as 140 degree’s farenheit inside, for as long as three hours at a time.

I tell people that I trained for a whole year to help prepare myself to reach my goal of finishing Badwater, but in reality it was the twenty years of progressively competing in more and more challenging events that got me to the finish line.

That and an insane amount of time suffering in the heat of my sauna.

As much as that KiCKS BuTS — Ferg is hitting ultras again and in a big way!

Discover Ferg’s latest exploits below.

About Ferg Hawke

My name is Ferg Hawke and I am a 54 year old father of two amazing kids and husband to my equally amazing wife Cheryl.

Oh yeah and I am an endurance athlete.

I started running and competing in triathlons in my early thirties, after a scare with high blood pressure.

I have worked my way up from 10k, marathon, triathlon, Ironman, Ultraman, ultra-marathon to the toughest footrace on the planet, the 135 mile Badwater Ultramarathon in Death Valley California.

Just completed? A non-stop crossing of Baffin Island, through the Akshayuk Pass — a total distance of 100 kilometers/60 miles.

My next exploit? To run the widest distance of the Gobi Desert in February or March of 2013 — that’s approximately 2,000km.

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  1. larry white - May 9, 2013

    good luck in the gobi
    that beer is going to be so sweet when you finish

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