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Real women don't worry about breaking their nails: They worry about BREAKING NEW GROUND!

Jo Ellen Soesbee KiCKS BuTS


Real women don’t worry about breaking their nails: They worry about BREAKING NEW GROUND!


To provide training, inspiration, and knowledge for women who are new to the Do-It-Yourself home repairs; women who are looking to become independent after the loss of their husband, divorce, or just being single and alone.

The Most Difficult Obstacle Faced

Breaking-IN and Staying-IN a male dominated field.

Fighting the naysayers who tell me to get a real job or leave it up to the man, women do not belong in construction.

As the owner of a home repair company, I fight the battle to prove that I am just as good as the man who has his own company.

Time It Took To Reach This Goal

Opened in 2004 and am still IN.

It’s a daily challenge that I am thankful I get to face.


How Did You ♥ KiCK This Obstacle

I started in the School of Hard-knocks as an abused child and then wife ― where I was told I would never amount to anything.

The climb back to self-esteem is a daily struggle.

I am now a mother, daughter, business-owner, inspirational speaker, and child of God and the Universe.

I accept the challenges every day and count my blessings along the way.

My personal motivational quote is one I made up myself.

I am at peace with my world.

God and the Universe support me in a love-filled existence.

I have abundance in all aspects of my life: Health, Wealth, and Happiness.

I reach my goal every time I teach a woman (or man) a new skill or provide her/him with the repairs she/he needs in their home.

I am on a mission to teach all the women I can reach to be self-sufficient and knowledgeable about home repairs.

Each time I look at the smiling, satisfied faces of my students and/or customers I am reminded how AWESOME my life is.

Knowledge is POWER!

About Jo Ellen Soesbee

Why are most little girls attracted to dolls rather than drills?

According to Jo Ellen Soesbee, CEO/Founder of Reliable Repairs, Inc., and ToolBox TomGirl, the answer is simple: Lack of exposure to drills.

Jo Ellen believes that no matter what our preferences were growing up, women can benefit greatly from learning how to use tools properly and how to make basic to complicated repairs around the house.

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