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The purpose of our lives is to give birth to the best which is within us..

People Who Kick Buts: Marianne Williamson


The purpose of our lives is to give birth to the best which is within us.

  • Born on July 8, 1952.
  • She is also the founder of Project Angel Food, a meals-on-wheels program that serves homebound people with AIDS in the Los Angeles area.
  • She has published ten books, including four New York Times #1 bestsellers.
  • Her book, The Age of Miracles: Embracing the New Midlife, was published in January 2008 and spent five weeks on the New York Times Best Seller list. Her latest book, published in November 2010, is called A Course in Weight Loss: 21 Spiritual Lessons for Surrendering Your Weight Forever. She has been a popular guest on television programs such as Oprah, Larry King Live, Good Morning America, Charlie Rose, The Howard Stern Show and Politically Incorrect.
  • Williamson attended Pomona College in Claremont, California, where her roommate was film producer Lynda Obst.
  • A teacher in the Unity Church, Williamson’s philosophy adopts a New Thought approach to spirituality.

    She tries to incorporate ideals originally established in Christianity and Judaism with a new-age light, using statements such as “You’ve committed no sins, just mistakes.” She also promotes tenets of Zen Buddhism such as the belief that one must empty his or her mind through enlightenment to truly find God.

  • A passage from Williamson’s book has been used in the 2005 film, Coach Carter and the 2006 film, Akeelah and the Bee.

    It is often incorrectly attributed to Nelson Mandela; Williamson herself is quoted as saying, “As honored as I would be had President Mandela quoted my words, indeed he did not. I have no idea where that story came from, but I am gratified that the paragraph has come to mean so much to so many people.”

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