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Capture their story through the eyes

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With Randy Jay Braun

Improve Your Photography ‒ Destination Hawaii

Capture their story through the eyes.

It is said that the eyes are the window to the soul. To me, the eyes of Hawaii are the most beautiful in the world, because of our ethnic melting pot.

As a professional photographer I not only agree but will go deeper in saying that the eyes reveal a personʻs secrets and also life history.

When photographing eyes of a person, care should be taken by any photographer, as this is what will make or break any candid or posed portrait.

The Eyes hold emotional expressions of their own. I often instruct my subjects to relax you mouth, but smile with your eyes. Or sometimes I simply engage in real debate or discussion with my model in order to bring out the story from the eyes.

Here are a couple favorite techniques I suggest you use when eyes are a part of a photograph:

  • First – Focus your lens on the eyelashes nearest to the camera.

    If I am using a camera with several auto-focus options, then I will use only the single center focus point on the eyelashes before recomposing to capture the subject. Occasionally I just use old-fashioned manual focus.

  • Second – Engage in conversation while photographing your subject to provoke natural eye movements and facial expressions.

    Ask a perplexing question or talk about chocolate or boyfriends / girlfriends, or travel.

    This conversation will relax the subject and they may not even notice you are photographing them.

  • Third – Whenever possible, check to see that the eyes have… Read More

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