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People Who Kick Buts: Barbara Macklow

When you’re stressing your body and pushing yourself physically, especially in a beautiful environment, it gives peace of mind. Running long distance is like therapy.

  • Born on June 13, 1752;
  • Lives in Bellingham, Washington.
  • The 96-pound great grandmother is one of only two women in United States history to have finished a 100 miler in her 70s.
  • She is the oldest woman to run both the JFK 50-Mile Run in Maryland and the Umstead 100-Mile Endurance Run in North Carolina.
  • In 1975, shortly after the family sold their boat and settled in Washington State, Barbara’s 11-year-old daughter was swept downriver during a family rafting trip and drowned. Macklow was 41 years old. She and her husband split soon after.
  • Barbara found herself raising four kids alone on a shoestring budget. She worked the overnight shift as an ER nurse and kept animals on their five-acre farm.
  • After 10 years of mentally taxing and physically exhausting herself, running became a reprieve from her grief — a sort of balm for her soul.
  • At 62, Barbara ran her first marathon, in 4:36.
  • You run the first 50 miles with your legs, and the second 50 with your brain. But the first hour and the last hour are the hardest.


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  2. Heather - December 14, 2011

    OMG! Doris – another incredible but kicking!! Thank you so much for sharing. xoxoxo

    • Doris Blanchet - December 15, 2011

      This woman is incredibly amazing. A single mom with 4 kids and she ran her first marathon at 62! … AN INSPIRATION. Holy Woman 😉

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