Psst… it’s about TIME you asked yourself, don’t ‘ya think? Are you on the journey you were destined to take — YOU KNOW — the one that will give you that AHA I GOT IT kind of feeling about LIFE?

Are you reaching for what you have always wanted — are you STRETCHING that edge?

Are you taking the bull by the horns and MOVING PAST FEARS to accomplish?

Are you learning to trust your heart — read the signs around you and understand, that as you look to fulfill a dream, it looks to find us just the same, if we let it?

Have you struggled to MAKE THE DECISION to DO IT? Have you let your critics control you, or have you found the courage to jump off and onto what you can feel is your destined path?

Have you discovered a rhythm, where everything goes as planned, almost gliding effortlessly for a solid stretch, then all of a sudden — screech, halt, bump — you’ve looked up dazed and wondered what you have gotten yourself into?

Or have you found yourself asking is this truly worth it? And, what kind of an idiot are you for not taking the road that everyone else rides — the path of least resistance?

And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it

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  • All you need are JOLTS OF INSPIRATION — loving kicks to ignite and stoke action at any given moment.
  • All you need are some KICK’N HARD STORIES — from those who GET IT and are fighting good fights, glorified with accounts of mini personal triumphs.
  • All you need is to kick one heck of a lot of sweat, with similar-minded people who are moving past fears to REACH to BE all they can be.


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If you are you driven, passionate, and a take-charge BuT kicker (that’s BuT not BuTT) straining your neck to feel WILDLY ALIVE — we want YOU! We are SUPER-CHARGED — at what’s headed your way. I encourage you to write to us, and connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest.

We are reaching to:

    1. Helping you achieve what your WILD heart desires; to helping everyone worldwide to kick with ♥ to be ALL they can be.
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We can’t do any of it without YOU! Help us ignite + stoke the world around us.

Tell your friends about Time To Kick BuTs. We can’t unleash waves of ecstasy, if you don’t help spread the message! Join us and stay tuned… your journey is about to be IGNITED and STOKED until the tears begin rolling — tears of joy, for the gift of living!

It's about kicking with heart to be all you can be

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